Class 1996.

Since he was a child he has always spent most of his time writing and watching movies, spending sleepless nights and accumulating an incredible amount of DVDs over the years. Creating his stories, playing with the spectator and somehow deceiving him have always been his strong point. Almost as a game, he starts shooting his friends in comic situations and uploading them to YouTube, slowly becoming passionate about filming. Shortly thereafter he began taking photographs and finding the first videomaker works in the province of Varese.

In 2016 he enrolled at the Michelangelo Antonioni Film Institute in Busto Arsizio (Italy) where he graduated in 2019 during the Film Direction course with the short film "Symmetry". He got to know important collaborators and to create small school projects like "LMDB" and "Endless", experiments that led him to play more and more with the spectator.

With his friends Matteo, Gabriele and Daniele he signed several projects with the name of Esase Collective and once he finished his studies he started collaborating with Luca Casartelli for e.Pic Studio. He has the opportunity to participate in projects signed by Luther Blissett (artistic project created by Fabio Landi and Viola Folador) and begins to be called "Ben", soon becoming his battle name.

Fascinated by the cinema of Christopher Nolan and the writing of his brother Jonathan, soon to become two models to follow, he has always tried to create products that dissociate themselves from the more classic narration. Whether it's commercial videos or fiction, always try to follow a pattern of its own and get the viewer to the solution after the twists and turns.



An investigation into a mysterious crime unsettles the day lives of James and Stephanie, complicating their relationship forever.

Independent Movie Productions

Feature, Drama / Thriller


June 2018

"A reflection on the current historical moment, where it is easy to swear eternal love to auteur cinema and discredit the rest. If you were offered the right offer, which side would you be in?"


Short, Drama 

3'54 ''

School project

Simmetria - Locandina (3) - 10mb.jpg
July 2019

"Through dialogue with a doctor, Ludovico will have to relive some key moments in his life in an attempt to separate reality from the projections of his head."

Short, Thriller / Drama


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January 2018

"Lorenzo is dead but to go to Hell he will have to answer a series of questions. And Denise... here, we say she doesn't remember everything..."


Short, Comedy

6'10 ''

School project